SoP, Scholarship Essay & LoR Drafting

SoP, Scholarship Essay & Recommendation Letters

Preparing a set of documentation for applications in college/university is a challenging task. It all begins with a basic requirement of writing impactful Statement of Purpose or Letter of Motivation or as they call it Expression of Interest. This is the fundamental document that is the heart and soul of your application. A lot depends on it for you getting admitted to your dream college/university abroad. What to include, what to exclude, how long, how short, style of writing and so many questions bothers an applicant. Same is true for Scholarship Essays which play crucial role in determination of your eligibility as a valid case for scholarship or financial aid of any kind. Recommendation or Reference Letter is the next closest document that influences your chances of getting admission to the college/university. Now often our referees may not know your recent accomplishments and may ask you to submit a synopsis of your major achievements and anecdotes if any. But given you are under pressure. Here we step in to help you prepare a draft that may give your referee a perfect idea about your academic and professional growth. And it makes the process easy for your referees to then shape it into a personalized letter of recommendation/reference for you.