CareerRun Consulting

At CareerRun Consulting, we strive to prepare our clients for accessing higher education and job opportunities in a meaningful way and emerge as future leaders. We specialise in guiding, mentoring and helping our clients for study abroad programmes. We encourage values like curiosity, respect, and resilience. Our aim is to treat every client with utmost diligence and we provide them necessary handholding as they enter in the next stage of their educational and professional lives.


We want our clients to question what they see, hear, and read. Our sessions are energetic learning dialogues where everyone is empowered to delve deeper into the future planning.


We know that aided with our guidance and sessions, our clients will be discovering the world. We value the cross-cultural sensitivity in our operations and strongly believe in the mantra of inclusiveness.


We believe that our every client should have the confidence to know who they are and what inspires them. Every client is treated with personalized attention.


We pride ourselves on having an incredibly creative set of Industry Experts who give their best to every client in helping them take a reasonsed decision for their academic and professional growth.

Our goal is to support diversity and inclusion in higher education and professional spheres.